UK Shaolin Gym

UK Shaolin Gym Southampton

The Best Martial Arts Gym in the UK

UK Shaolin Gym is authentic and original, it’s a one-of-a-kind gym in the UK and one of the few Shaolin Kung Fu Gyms in the world.

UK Shaolin Gym is not only a place to train for martial arts, it is also a superb gym to improve your fitness and cater to all your wellbeing needs. Our facility hosts all kinds of classes from calming meditation, to professional kickboxing, traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, to mindful Yoga classes. Whatever your aim is, we have you covered.

UK Shaolin Gym Southampton

UK Shaolin Gym

The best place to work on your health & fitness including free weights, bodyweight workstation, and a range of machines.

At our gym, one of main features is our multifunctional gym station, you can literally workout every part of your body in one setting. We have a station for your every need: chin ups, arms and abs, dips, shoulders and chest, jumps, legs and feet. There are lots of ways you can use our amazing multifunction gym station. We also have professional dumbbells to set for all your work out, from 2kg all the way to 56kg.

You can push yourself even more to use our free weight training areas. We have professional olympic-grade bars and weight training equipment for you to push your limit. Not only that, you also can use the newly built weightlifting platform, designed for heavy lifting, you too can train like olympic athletes.

One of our most popular features is our punch bags zone, we have professional martial arts punch bags designed for martial arts, boxing, and kickboxing practice. Whether you are training for professional, amateur or beginner level, the area is for you to explore.

Training Zone

Professional martial arts grade firm training mats. The zone is designed for any Martial Arts training and self exercise.

We host most of our classes in the training zone. The training zone is designed for martial arts, fitness and other exercises. The zone is the heart of our gym as it hosts the most varied and dynamic practices. You can practise anything from boxing to dance, from yoga to gymnastics and much more. Its size and firmness is particularly beneficial for Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Chinese Wushu training.

UK Shaolin Training Zone
UK Shaolin Studio

Synergy Studio

A peaceful and harmonious space to focus in and support your wellbeing and mindfulness.

To deeply explore your wellbeing, your physical health is not enough, you also need to work on your mental health too. Synergy Studio is a peaceful and relaxing space designed to enhance your mental, physical senses and leave you with nourishing experiences. In Synergy Studio, you can enjoy such classes as meditation, tai chi, and yoga plus many more activities to come.

The best location in Southampton South England

One of the advantages of being located within the heart of the Southampton city centre is its convenience because the city is central along the south coast and has multiple transport links. The city’s national and international travel links by road, rail, sea and air are unmatched in the region.

UK Shaolin Community

Because we are driven by passion we have many supporters around the world. Together, they form a supportive community of like-minded people. Thanks to this community, we are much more than a commercial gym, we are motivated to enrich lives through fitness, wellbeing, arts and culture. Our community continually inspires us.

There are so many features and benefits for everyone to enjoy at UK Shaolin Centre. Visit us today to discover the true UK Shaolin spirit.

UK Shaolin Gym Southampton

Join our Southampton gym from just £40 a month.