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Private Lessons

Individual private lessons are one of greatest methods for students to deepen their practice and develop their martial arts skill and knowledge. These private sessions can and will greatly improve many aspects of your training.

Many students choose to have individual private sessions for a number of reasons. Some would like help to get more detail on their understanding, some to help prepare for competitions or gradings, and others to just get a clearer understanding of what they need to do to help them improve.

In these sessions the Master will be able to focus on your specific training needs and requirements, helping to give a more qualitative improvement and guidance to your training and to help you to progress at the rate to which you desire to learn. This detailed and specific training style will be more suited to your personal requirements, which ultimately will help you to develop and grow in your martial arts training.


  • Increased Student Confidence
  • Personal Teacher Attention
  • Customised lessons to suit your particular needs
  • Adjustable time schedules

There can be several advantages over the traditional group training environment. These include the following:

Many students can flourish under one-to-one tuition. With private tuition, the student does not have to compete for the teacher’s attention. In the group training sessions the student may often wait while the teacher addresses the needs of the other members of the class. However, with private lessons, the lesson can progress as quickly or as slowly as you desire.
Our excellent teachers and masters will customise the entire lesson plan around each student’s individual needs. This can help the student to progress much more quickly than in the group environment, since the Masters / Teachers can easily adapt the lesson to concentrate upon the individual’s strengths or weaknesses. Many students find that they can concentrate better and pick up information quicker and easier when they are in a one to one teaching situation.
Private lessons can give students additional confidence to ask questions when they don’t fully understand a particular aspect of the training. Many students can feel uncomfortable or self-conscious while in the group class setting, this problem is avoided with individual private lessons. You will be free to ask as many questions as you like or discuss any part of the training that you are having difficulties with.
Sometimes we are not able to make the group session either due to work commitments or maybe we have very busy life style schedules, but this can be easily worked around with private training sessions. Private training sessions can be made to suit your timings and schedules, you need not miss out on any training because you can’t make any of the sessions in the week. Sometimes students use these sessions to catch up on classes that they have missed during the week.

Other students have commented that individual private sessions can be helpful when they are in the following situations:

  • You are beginner and you want to get started in Kung Fu / Qi Gong/ Tai Chi/ Meditation without being overwhelmed or intimidated
  • You want to go to the next level or work more in-depth
  • You want to develop a practice at home
  • You have injuries (back, shoulder, knee) or health concerns (stress, arthritis, insomnia, pregnancy)
  • You want to work toward a specific physical goal such as increased flexibility, balance, or strength, target problem areas like tight hips or hamstrings, or increase your mental focus in a particular area

The best way to know if these sessions are for you is to try it out! You can book a session today with our Masters or Disciples by either sending an email or contacting them directly on the telephone numbers below.

Good Luck in you training and we wish you every success in the future.


If you are interested in studying privately with Master Shi Yan Ming or his disciples, please contact us. Make sure to include all your contact details such as your contact number, address, email etc, and any other relevant information. Contact us for more information.