Kickboxing Classes

Chinese Kickboxing

Sanda Kickboxing

In Sanda Kickboxing, each move hones both your technique and spirit. Embrace the journey, become a champion.

Our Sanda Kickboxing classes, also known as Chinese Kickboxing, cater to individuals of all skill levels and fitness backgrounds. Whether you’re aiming to boost your overall fitness or refine your kickboxing prowess for competitions, our classes are designed to meet your needs.

Rooted in the traditional Chinese kickboxing style of Sanda, our classes encompass a comprehensive curriculum. Participants will learn a range of techniques including stretches, stances, kicks, punches, combination movements, takedown techniques, defence and attack drills, kickboxing drills, combat fighting, as well as body conditioning and stamina training.

Your instructor will evaluate your abilities and tailor the instruction to suit your level and objectives. Regardless of your current fitness level, all are welcome as we guide you from your starting point towards achieving your desired goals.