Chen Miaoshan


UK Shaolin Temple Instructor

35th Generation Shaolin Warrior Disciple

Kung Fu Instructor

San Da Instructor

Shift Martine

Martine Niven has been training with UK Shaolin Temple under Shi Yan Ming for 10 years.

Martine’s accumulative experience for Chinese martial arts spans over 16 years, previously including Tai Chi and hard and soft Qi Gong. Since training with UK Shaolin Temple, Martine’s training focus has gravitated to traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. Martine’s specialties include Traditional Shaolin Forms, Shaolin MantisShaolin Straight Sword and Spear and Nine section Chain Whip.

Martine has trained full time in China on a number of extended visits. During her tuition there, she has trained in the Shaolin Temple and learned from many Shaolin Masters. Martine’s training was officially formalized during her trip to China in 2013. Martine undertook a formal discipleship under Shi Yan Ming. As part of the ceremony, Martine was inducted into the 35th Generation of Shaolin disciples and took a new Shaolin name: Chen Miaoshan. This means.

Aside from training, Martine also performs regularly at Shaolin Kung Fu demonstrations, including our UK Shaolin Temple Lion Dance Troupe. Martine has also competed in Chinese martial arts Competitions and enjoys competing in traditional Shaolin forms and weapons.

Alongside training and teaching, Martine also practices Traditional Chinese Medicineand runs a Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Clinic in Bournemouth. Martine also spends her time involved in many aspects of UK Shaolin Temple. She also runs the administration of the CISC/Centre of International Shaolin Culture, which involves arranging Kung Fu and cultural tours in China.

“If you wish to achieve anything in your training or in life you have to put yourself into it 100%. It takes many hours of dedicated practice, repeating over long periods of time, with correct guidance/wisdom. This is the real training, the real kung fu skill or as the Chinese say “GONG FU”, which actually means skill attained through hard work. Practice with full commitment and the ability to endure. Have plenty of belief, determination and heart. All these aspects will carry you through your training, especially in those difficult and challenging times. The process is long but the rewards are great. Anybody can uptake this path and learn from its amazing teachings, as there is a wealth of ancient wisdom and knowledge to draw from. I encourage anybody considering training to just go for it and start practicing, don’t just talk or read about its amazing philosophies but actually practice and do it, then you can start to live and experience the way! .”

– Martine Niven 2015