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Martine Niven

Dave started his training in Martial Arts from around the age of 10 years old in Lau Gar Kung Fu. After a few years he moved schools and began to train more seriously under the guidance of Master They Soon Tuan and his teacher, Master Wu Song Fa. Both of which were disciples of Grand Master Liu Yun Qiao – who was Chairman of The Civil Defence Force in China.

Throughout the early years some of the styles studied include that of Kung Fu (Wing-Chun, Choi Lei Fut, Praying Mantis, 18 Weapons System) and the internal Systems of Tai Chi, Pua Kua and Hsing-I. (Yang Style, Sun Style, Chen Style) amongst many others.

These traditional approaches to Martial Arts led him to begin competing first in modern Wushu initially focussing on Taolu – in particular Spear (Qiangshu), Long Fist (Chang Quan), Southern Fist (Nan Quan), Southern Broadsword (Nandao) and then progressing into the full contact fighting arena of Sanda.

In Sanda he gain success as a fighter (fighting for over 10 years) winning the British Championships several times. Dave was selected to the National Team multiple times to represent Great Britain around the world. He has also completed his European Sanda Referring Qualification and completed the 4th Duan Official Sanda grading (currently the highest grade available).

Dave has been incredibly fortunate to have trained alongside some very prestigious Masters and Professors along the way!