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Yes, it is possible to support us from overseas. Please contact us for more information.


You can change your Standing Order payment amount at any time by simply email us: support@ukshaolin.com.


You can cancel your standing order at any time by contacting your bank. Some banks may request this in writing. Please also advise us of your cancellation. 


We value and respect your privacy. We do not share any personal information with other organisations.

You may also like to contact the Mailing Preference Service, who are able to restrict the amount of unsolicited mail, faxes and telephone calls you receive. Their contact details are:

Mailing Preference Service (MPS)

70 Margaret Street



t: 020 7291 3310

f: 020 7323 4226

e: mps@dma.org.uk



If you wish to comment or make a complaint about the UK Shaolin, you can do so to any UK Shaolin member of staff. Alternatively, please contact us.

To help us respond to your comment or complaint effectively, please tell us which of our services it relates to. Also, please include your full name, contact details and let us know how you would like us to contact you.


The UK Shaolin can only provide interviews to professional members of the media. If you are a journalist, please contact our Media Team. If you are a student studying journalism, we cannot provide interviewees for you. 


Students have our permission to use the UK Shaolin logo appropriately on their projects, as long as it is used for a non-commercial purpose. We cannot give permission for the reproduction of any of the images on our website for they are subject to copyright and we only have permission to use them in specific circumstances. Students can use any of the information from the website, as long as they reference the sources using their respective referencing format. 


You can search for open positions on our Vacancies page. There, you can find out what you can expect from us as employers, what we are looking for in a candidate and find out more about our recruitment process. In addition, we are always looking for volunteers to assist us in many different areas, so please contact us if you are interested.


The UK Shaolin was established in 2002 by 34th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk – Shi Yan Ming. In 2003, the UK Shaolin was officially opened to the public to teach Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Culture. UK Shaolin was registered as a charity in 2013. To read more about UK Shaolin’s history please go to the about us page.


We are the only Shaolin in the UK. We are currently based in Southampton, where most of our activities are offered. We have a UK wide network of friends and partnerships. For more information about the UK Shaolin please click about us page or get in touch if you have a specific query.


You can cancel your monthly payments at any time. In the first instance, speak to us to inform us of the changes you will make. Following this, either cancel your payments online using your paypal account, or contact your bank to cancel your standing order. Please note that if you return to classes, your monthly payments must be reinstated before attending classes. 


Yes, you can freeze your monthly payments, and resume your monthly payments at any point. All you need to do is contact your bank and instruct accordingly. Before you freeze your monthly payments, please contact us to keep us informed.


No, memberships are non transferable, and each person must hold their own valid membership.


In the first instance, speak to us to establish the next level of monthly payments. Once you establish your new payments, contact your bank to instruct them to change your monthly payments. If your monthly payments were set up online using the paypal system, you can make amendments through your online account.


Yes, go to the membership area and follow the instructions to join our membership online.


Yes, meditation is suitable for children. Meditation is shown to improve children’s concentration by re-focusing the brain.


We welcome all people to come to participate in classes, courses, events, and workshops.


We run our weekly classes currently at the Cantell School in Southampton. Please browse our class schedule for further details.

Certain events, seminars or workshops might run in cooperation with our partners at external facilities, please find more information on the specific event, seminar, workshop or course page or in the class curriculum.


Yes, UK Shaolin classes, like all of our activities, are open to everyone. Great physical health and knowledge of Chinese martial arts is not required. You will develop your physical health and other skills at your own rate during training.


Beginners are welcome to almost every class. Exceptions are some classes that are restricted by age or have certain entry level requirements. Most of our classes are suited to all levels. We recommend attending a free trial session, and enquiring with us or with one of the instructors, which classes will be most suited for your needs. 


If you’re worried about your physical ability, say your strength, mobility or flexibility is poor; our training has a number of disciplines which can cater for different needs. For example, Kung Fu involves high physicality and is suited to people looking to improve their speed, strength, flexibility etc. Tai Chi involves slow, toning movements, which can improve our mobility and also improve your overall health. Qigong involves stretching and breathing exercises which involves low physicality. By offering these disciplines, different physical levels can be accommodated. We do stress that you should seek the advice of your GP if you have concerns before joining our classes.


You are more than welcome to come to one of our classes to watch before deciding to join in. The best way to view a class is to contact us before-hand to let us know when you are coming. To find more information on our classes, please view our class schedule.


We accept card or bank transfers. We accept payment in GBP form only. For monthly class payments, we also accept Standing Order payments.


The best way to start your Martial Arts training is if you contact us before your preferred starting date. You can book in a FREE TRIAL LESSON online, send us an email, or you can contact us by telephone. After you have made an inquiry, you will receive a free trial lesson booking confirmation and instructions on how to join a free trial lesson. If you come to a class for a free without a booking confirmation or notifying us, you may be required to pay for the trial class before starting the lesson.

After your free trial lesson, you will receive information about our membership and how to join regular sessions.


When you attending your trial class, make sure that you wear loose, comfortable clothing, allowing you to stretch and move easily. With regards to footwear, we would recommend light and flexible sport shoes and something with a good grip. Alternatively you can also train barefoot or wear socks. We also recommend that you bring a good amount of drinking water. 

Any additional equipment and dress code can then be found in the individual class curriculum or from your instructor.



Yes, every passing student receives a certificate with the UK Shaolin’s official stamp. In addition every student, whether they passed their exam or not, will receive a grading report which outlines the awarded points for each criteria and also a summarising comment from the examiner in order to help the student improve their skills.


Yes, we have a 8 level belt system. However, students will continue to learn and practice after level 8. The UK Shaolin holds regular grading events per year. For our grading timetable and further information please find information here.  There you will find how to register for a grading and the things you need to know to get prepared.


Shi Yan Ming and his disciples have extensive experience of training in the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng city, Henan province in China. Shi Yan Ming is a 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk. He has had over 25 years’ experience of teaching and coaching in the UK and internationally.

All our instructors come from all over the country, and are highly qualified. They attend dedicated training sessions on a regular basis. To read more information about our masters and teachers please visit our website.


You can cancel your standing order at any time by contacting your bank. Some banks may request this in writing. Please also advise us of your cancellation at least two weeks before any changes are made. If you cancel your training payments, this automatically cancels your membership with the UK Shaolin. If you wish to re-join UK Shaolin within 12 months of your original membership date, you will be required to pay a re-joining fee.


There are many ways to donate money to the UK Shaolin. The best way to donate money is online, go to our donation page, this method is secure, quick and simple to use. You can also donate directly to the UK Shaolin, please go to our donation page for more details.

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