China Kung Fu Expedition
the Great Wall of China

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the China Kung Fu Expedition 2024, a captivating adventure that seamlessly blends ancient traditions with modern exploration. This immersive expedition will take you through the heart of China, from the revered Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng to the historical city of Luoyang, the mystic landscapes of Wudang Mountain, the ancient wonders of Xi’an, and the bustling metropolis of Beijing.

Engage in authentic Shaolin Kung Fu training, witness captivating performances, and delve into the rich cultural tapestry of each destination. From the tranquil surroundings of traditional temples to the vibrant energy of modern cities, this expedition promises an unparalleled experience where martial arts mastery meets the diverse heritage of China. Uncover the secrets of Kung Fu, explore historical wonders, and create lasting memories on this unforgettable journey through the heart of Chinese martial arts and culture.

China Kung Fu Trip 2024 map

Dengfeng – Luoyang – Wudang – Xi’an – Beijin

登封 – 洛阳 – 武当 – 西安 – 北京


  • Before 15 June 2024: £2250
  • Full price: £2600
  • Airfares are optional if you’d like us to book them on your behalf.
  • Unbeatable price – you won’t find it anywhere else!


  • Date: 29th July 2024 – 14th August 2024
  • Total days: 17 days
  • Total nights: 16 nights
  • Hotel rating: 4 – 5 star
  • Visa: Required
  • Travel insurance: Required



  • Stunning natural scenery surrounding the Shaolin Temple complex and
    local area
  • Learn traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, San Shou, Wing Chun etc
  • Watch a spectacular Shaolin Kung Fu show
  • Experience authentic and traditional Shaolin training
  • Experience the ritual and tranquillity of a Chinese tea ceremony
  • Try your hand at cooking traditional Chinese food
  • Learn practical Chinese language skills and sample Chinese Calligraphy
  • Climb to the birthplace of Zen Buddhism – The Song Mountains
  • Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu training
  • Shaolin Temple Tour
  • Pagoda Forest
  • Songshan Mountain – Bodhidharma’s Cave
  • Meditation taster outside Bodhidharma’s Cave
Dengfeng China


  • White Horse Temple: Explore the cradle of Chinese Buddhism, a place
    steeped in spiritual history.
  • Longmen Grottoes: Witness thousands of intricate Buddhist statues and
    carvings carved into limestone cliffs, a UNESCO World Heritage site
    showcasing exquisite artistry.


  • Terracotta Warriors: Witness the ancient army of clay soldiers preserving
    China’s history.
  • Datang Night City: Immerse yourself in the vibrant blend of tradition and modern entertainment.
  • Xi’an City Wall: Walk along the majestic ancient fortification for panoramic views of the city’s historical charm.


  • Explore historic Taizi Slope, a pathway with ancient significance.
  • Visit the serene Purple Cloud Palace, showcasing intricate Taoist architecture.
  • Discover the South Rock Palace, where spirituality harmonises with Wudang’s natural beauty.
  • Immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere of Langmei Shrine.
  • Explore the cultural richness of Chaotian Palace, symbolising Chinese religious traditions.
  • Ascend to the Golden Summit for breath taking panoramic views.
  • Reflect at Qiongtai, a serene platform where spirituality meets the natural beauty of Wudang Mountain.


  • Explore the vastness of Tiananmen Square, a symbolic centre of Chinese
    political life.
  • Immerse yourself in the imperial grandeur of the Forbidden City, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Marvel at the celestial architecture of the Temple of Heaven, where ancient rituals took place.
  • Experience the lively atmosphere of Houhai, a picturesque lake area surrounded by bars and restaurants.
  • Navigate through Beijing’s traditional narrow alleyways, known as Hutongs, offering a glimpse into local life.
  • Embark on an iconic journey to the Great Wall, a monumental testament to ancient Chinese engineering.
  • Explore the bustling Wangfujing Street, a commercial hub featuring shops, boutiques, and local delicacies.
  • Conclude your Beijing adventure with a heartfelt farewell dinner, celebrating the memories and camaraderie forged during your exploration.
The Great Wall of China

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