Hero Challenge

Let’s see how far you can go

UK Shaolin Centre and Decathlon Southampton are bringing you the Hero Challenge to inspire the local community to be active and to physically engage in wellbeing and fitness activities. 

The aim of this challenge is to increase physical and mental wellness. 

Through the Hero Challenge we want to encourage the community to engage in physical sports, inviting them to challenge themselves, get motivated and build confidence to become their own hero.

Everyone is welcome to enter this challenge and it’s complete FREE for everyone


21st November 2022 – 20th December 2022

Challenge date and time

Participants will be given selected days and time slots to choose from to participate

UK Shaolin Centre

Fridays from 16:00pm – 17:00pm

Decathlon Southampton

Saturday 12:30pm – 13:30pm

See the rules below.

Winner Prize

£200 Gift Voucher provided by Decathlon. You can shop online and in stores. Find Out more please visit here.

How to enter

  1. Register online or at the UK Shaolin Centre.
  2. Confirm your date and time.
  3. Show up and do the challenge.

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    1. You must be 16 and over
    2. You will be timed from the moment two hands are placed onto the bar and the arms are hanging straight, not bent, from the bar.
    3. Hands must be shoulder-width apart, pronated grip, which is the palms facing away from you, and the timing will stop once you let go of the bars with either hand.
    4. Time is counted until your form breaks, you lose your grip, or your legs touch the floor.
    5. Both hands must be on the bar during the whole attempt. No one-arm hanging allowed.
    6. Timed by our sports officials from UK SHAOLIN.
    7. One attempt only.
    8. The longest timed arm hanging will receive the superhero Gift.

    Benefits of Dead Hanging Exercise

    Strengthen the following muscle groups

    1. Upper back
    2. Shoulder Core
    3. Forearms
    4. Hand and wrist flexors
    5. Abdominals

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