UK Shaolin Temple


To learn real Shaolin Kung Fu or any other martial arts, you must learn from the very beginning, little by little, step by step. Unfortunately, you cannot jump from the very beginning to the advanced levels, in this case you will waste your time and you will also hinder your body’s development. Our system, is not a BELT HUNTER organisation. We take our system very seriously and in order to train with the UK Shaolin Temple, you must hold a level belt or certificate awarded by the UK Shaolin Temple before reaching the next level.

If you wish to grade at any time during 2018, you need to register one month before your grading date. To register, please contact us with your name, contact details and the grading level syllabus you require.

Have you lost your grading sheet? If you require the grading level syllabus form, please email us. Please include what level you wish to grade at and we will send you all the relevant information. Or click here to download the grading sheet from the UK Shaolin Temple Facebook Group page or link below.

Please be aware that the details on this page may be subject to changes; so please check this information regularly leading up to a grading event.

The UK Shaolin Temple would like to wish all grading participants good luck for their examinations in 2018.


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