The mind is everything. What you think you become.


As one of the major world religions. Buddhism was originally founded by Siddhartha Gautama, a prince of Lumbini Kingdom in ancient India (now in the present Nepal area).

‘Buddhism’ is the teachings of Buddha rather than a religion of Buddha worship. It is neither a religion nor a philosophy, though colloquially referred to as a religion. The nature of Buddhism is a life way. It specifically involves eliminating sufferings, cultivating our true nature and thus attaining enlightenment.

A few hundred years after Shakyamuni passed away, Buddhism spread throughout the Indian subcontinent. As doctrinal differences arose, various schisms occured, forming many schools. The two main divisions are Mahayana and Theravada, while the later is the predominant religion of Sri Lanka and most of continental Southeast Asia, the former became widespread in North Asia and the Far East, including countries such as China, Korea and Japan.

The Mahayana school particularly focused on the bodhisattva ideal, which involves the notion that those individuals attaining enlightenment should choose to remain in this world to help others achieve the same state. Mahayana Buddhism possesses a whole host of bodhisattva figures and they feature in popular religious traditions.

The Theravada school places emphasis on becoming an arhat, which is a perfect saint who has achieved nirvana and has escaped the cycle of rebirth. This path is believed to only be accomplished through monastic practice. The Mahayana school however does not stress the need for monasticism and teaches that enlightenment can be achieved by a layperson and in this lifetime.


Before I was born, who am I? After I am born who am I?

One of UK Shaolin ’s core aims is to promote Buddhism to people across the UK. We do this because at the heart of Buddhism is a simple approach to life: to live with no limitations. This means that we should acknowledge limitations but not be limited by them. Buddhism teaches that we should apply wisdom to understand our experiences, our emotions, and our behaviours with the goal of acknowledging and eradicating the limitations that they create, which are ultimately a determent to life. Buddhism teaches that in order to change our situations, we must start by looking inside ourselves and making changes from within. Most importantly, Buddhism believes that every livingbeing already possesses the ability to change life. It is not something that you are born, or without, we all have this potential. The goal of Buddhism’s philosophy is to activate that potential.

Our Approach:

  • To disseminate Buddhist culture education, including its ideas, history, customs, and beliefs.
  • Re-Interpreting Buddhist philosophy by using simple language.
  • Exploring the benefits of the philosophy: limits without limitations.

Part of UK Shaolin’s approach to Buddhism is to focus on the Chan Buddhist culture. This form of Buddhism focuses on the practice of meditation as a key tool to practice wisdom. We are also thrilled to offer meditation sessions for all people to explore these ideas. In our dedicated space, you can receive the guidance, which can enable you to explore the ideas behind Buddhism, and practice its methods through meditation.

UK Shaolin also stresses that while Buddhism is regarded as a religion, we do not teach Buddhism in its religious form. Our approach to Buddhism is focused on sharing the beliefs and practices that increase an awareness of the interconnectedness of life, and thus enabling people to bring about positive change. Finally, any person regardless of their age, race, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs, or no beliefs, can adopt the lifestyle that is promoted by Buddhism without conflict or contradiction.

Our Activities Include:

  • Buddhism Talks
  • Lectures & Seminars
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Meditation sessions for community groups, organisations, schools, and corporations.

For more information please contact us.