UK Shaolin’s Facts & Figures

The largest and the most innovative centre for Chinese martial arts & culture

Authentic Chinese martial arts instruction with expert teaching and experience

  • Founder and Head Coach Shi Yan Ming has been innovating the field of Chinese martial arts for over 25 years. His list of accomplishments include the following: over 3 years of study in a Chinese special forces military training centre in Zhengzhou city. Awarded National Kickboxing and Wushu Championships in Henan in 1997. Shi Yan Ming was also inducted as one of the elite 34th Generation Shaolin warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple where he earned the rank of Master within the fields of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, and other martial arts disciplines.
  • UK Shaolin’s instructors possess over 50 years of combined experience in Chinese martial arts.
  • UK Shaolin has founded nationally recognised Wushu and San Da Teams. Since their commencements, both teams have won national championships.
  • UK Shaolin shares its teachings in an environment that is empowering and affirming for its students.
    The organisation hosts various social activities and events for its members.
  • UK Shaolin maintains strong connections with local universities, and other education institutions, local councils, businesses, and other community groups.
  • UK Shaolin is the most diverse Chinese martial arts school in the UK – teaching a wide range of disciplines to cater to all tastes and abilities.
  • UK Shaolin instructors are British accredited Chinese martial arts judges by the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts in 2018

Largest Chinese martial arts and culture centre in the South of the UK

  • Based on research conducted between 2016 – 2019, UK Shaolin possesses the largest membership base of any Chinese martial arts and culture centre.

The largest social media following of any Chinese martial arts and culture centre in the world

  • In 2022 UK Shaolin surpassed 900k Facebook followers, 350k on Instagram, with additional channels having a combined total of over 1 million followers.

UK Shaolin possesses more han 20 years’ experience of cultural exchanges between China and the UK.

UK Shaolin boasts an extensive network of Chinese martial arts and cultural contacts.

UK Shaolin hosts the largest Chinese arts and cultural events in South of the UK.

UK Shaolin is a unique organisation focused on the promotion of health and wellbeing, and collaborates with parties from the education, business, and government sectors to meet this objective.

  • Collaborations with local Universities including Solent University and Southampton University
  • UK Shaolin regularly connects with city councils, health services, and community groups to host wellbeing and health projects to the public.
  • UK Shaolin works closely with schools and other parties within the education sector to provide health and wellbeing opportunities for a range of students.
  • UK Shaolin houses innovative Wellbeing team that works to present new health and wellbeing opportunities.
  • UK Shaolin has opened its own WeCommunity , which is dedicated to holding wellbeing activities, conducting research, and provide a platform to promote many aspects of health and wellbeing.