UK Shaolin Temple Instructor

Tai Chi Instructor

Kung Fu Instructor

Ashleigh has been training at UK Shaolin Temple for over a year now, she has been studying Chinese Martial Arts for over 5 years. She has learnt various styles in this time, including Wing Chun, Chen Style Tai Chi and Kung Fu. She has decided to focus her studies on Traditional Shaolin forms and weapons. 

She has trained under a disciple of Grandmaster Kong Jie Gou for many years and had the opportunity to train with Grandmaster Gou himself for 10 months. Ashleigh now studies with Shi Yanmin

During her Kung Fu and Tai Chi training Ashleigh has taken part in many UK competitions at National and International level, both Forms and Sanda. Just a few of her achievements are listed below: 

  • Bronze medal at the 3rd UK Shaolin Culture Festival Europe in 2013.
  • Two Gold medals at TCFE Chinese Martial Arts Championships in 2015.
  • Gold and Bronze medals at the BCMMA Nationals in July 2017.

Ashleigh has had experience teaching Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Self Defence. She has participated in a number of demonstrations and performances, and feels passionate about promoting and sharing the benefits of Chinese Martial Arts with as many people as possible. 

She recently spent three weeks in China training at the Centre of International Shaolin Culture (CISC) where she trained under Shaolin Masters and attended several Buddhist events at the Shaolin Temple.