I have been training at the UK Shaolin Temple for about five years now, and during my time there I have had the fortunate opportunity to experience the traditional authentic training.

Being a part of UK Shaolin Temple has been a life changing experience for me, allowing me to follow my path and develop my skills not only physically but also mentally and spiritually too.

I have been inspired so much over the years that I have chosen to commit my life to the Shaolin path and follow Shifu Yanmin Chen as his disciple. I find the teachings challenging but extremely rewarding on so many different levels.

I am truly grateful for the patience, time and effort that he puts into my training as he does with all his students. As students we are really lucky to have such an accomplished and outstanding master of martial arts on our doorstep. If you seek true Shaolin Martial Arts training then I could recommend no other. Peace Martine