I had been searching for an exercise class for a while as I wanted to improve my fitness, rather than motivating myself to go to the gym. Having taken Judo when I was young, I already had experience of martial arts classes, so looked for something similar. I had seen a program on TV about Shaolin Monks and loved the look of the style, the moves… it all looked graceful, but powerful. So I searched on Google for a “shaolin martial arts class” and found the UK Shaolin Temple, in a gym close to where I lived. I felt a little nervous about going to see the class, but had the courage to give it a go… and this was the best thing I have ever done. After going to a few classes I was hooked. In every class we do something different, so it’s not just “punch this, kick that” each week. To learn genuine Shaolin Kung Fu, Forms, Techniques, Self Defence, Chinese Kick Boxing, Acrobatics, from a Shaolin Master makes a huge difference as does the people in the group, who are all really friendly and encourage you to be your best. There is also a large mix in the class, from young kids from the age of 8 to women in their 50’s, so anyone will fit in. After a year and a half’s training, my flexibility has improved immensely, my stamina, knowledge, confidence have all been given a boost and this is just from going to a class once a week. I can’t recommend this class highly enough and would encourage anyone to also have the courage to give it a go themselves.