Since joining UK Shaolin Temple a few years ago my mind and body have undergone big changes. I was never the athletic type, I had poor stamina and little coordination and the idea of doing acrobatics and having planks of wood broken over my limbs seemed like something only other people could do. I had done a little Kung Fu at University and when I left I was sad to have to give it up. When I found out about UK Shaolin Temple I was excited at the prospect of learning Tradional Shaolin Kung Fu from a real Shaolin Monk without having to move to China. The first few classes were hard work as I learnt to use muscles I never knew I had and would ache for days after the classes. But gradually it started to hurt less and I started to notice my speed, strength, stamina and coordination improving. I also noticed it I was able to think more clearly and concentrate on my work outside the classes. Today I am fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been, I’m a more confident person and have made some great friends. It’s not just about learning Kung Fu, it’s about changing your life.