I joined the UK Shaolin Temple for a month while I was on holiday from the United States. I was a discouraged, disheartened, and dispirited person when I arrived at U.K. Shaolin Temple. I originally joined to have an additional caloric burning extension to assist in my pursuit of a leaner physique. I never joined with the intention of improving my martial prowess. Acquiring a lean physique became secondary after I drastically began improving every single one of my physical and mental capabilities through observation, consistency, and heart. I mentally and physically progressed here in one month more than I typically would’ve in one year. And I’ve joined various martial arts school in the United States. The U.K. Shaolin Temple assisted me in transcending my own mind. Shifu and the rest of the temples dedicated instructors proved me wrong to myself! That takes a very dedicated and powerful team. Another thing I noticed about the school is that they take their martial arts seriously, operating seven days a week (a rarity with martial arts schools). It is a courteous and great environment. Thank You U.K. Shaolin Temple.