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Yanmin Chen is also known as Shi Yan Ming, which his Shaolin Temple title. Yan Ming’s expertise lies in his background as an athlete. Yan Ming graduated from a prestigious military school in 1998. Afterward, Yan Ming was initiated as one of a selective number of people to train in the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China. During these formative years, Yan Ming competed in national and international Chinese martial arts competitions. Shi Yan Ming also managed a regional Martial Arts School in China.

During the latter years of Yan Ming’s formal training in China, he travelled across Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, and Australia showcasing Chinese martial arts to millions of people. Later, these opportunities paved the way for Yan Ming to perform martial arts and stunts for television, film, and stage productions.


Shi Yan Ming is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of UK Shaolin Temple. Thanks to Shi Yan Ming’s vision and leadership, he has propelled UK Shaolin Temple from a small club to an expanding organisation. Aside from his role within the UK Shaolin Temple, Shi Yan Ming has an extensive background in business management, sports coaching, and events consultation.