Project Description


  • Project Manager

  • Assistant Marketing Manager



Ashleigh has an educational background in business development and accounting. She holds a Diploma in Business studies and an Honors degree in Professional Accounting.

Since then she has managed European communications and sales for HNW individuals and sat on the board of directors for the US humanitarian project: Humans of our world.

Most recently Ashleigh has worked in the health sector including working alongside Harley street therapists, coaches and businesses in the health and wellbeing industry.

Her current position is Managing Director at Home Counties Consultancy, where she is responsible for managing the delivery of private mental health services across three counties in the south of England.



As an Assisting Marketing Manager, Ashleigh is involved in realising the UK Shaolin Temple’s marketing strategy especially on our Instagram account. Additionally, Ashleigh is supporting the UK Shaolin Temple with sponsorship projects and funding opportunities by connecting with key figures in businesses and organisations to establish and strengthen the UK Shaolin Temple’s partnerships and collaborations.