Project Description


  • Administration Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Culture Project Lead


Jennifer’s experience and expertise reside in research and writing skills, administration, and customer service. As a result, she has made a number of developments to the systems and structure of UKST. Jennifer also works full time for a Disability service in the Higher Education Sector. Jennifer is thereby motivated to develop the UK Shaolin Temple experience for everyone.

Jennifer also undertakes research in ritual practices and explores how meaningful activities can impact our health, wellbeing, and everyday experiences. Jennifer uses her skills of interpretation to reshape complex ideas and communicate them to a wide range of audiences.

“I see our health, wellbeing, and our pursuit of a better life, results from an interplay between ourselves, our environments, and our families and communities. I want to learn more about the interdependence of these essential features and, in doing so, I hope to help others to find more ways to improve their lives.”


Jennifer oversees the management of administration and systems at UK Shaolin Temple. Jennifer is also a project lead in the development of UKST’s cultural syllabus. Moreover, Jennifer works closely with the core team bringing qualities of research excellence and innovation to advance the Temple’s aims and values.