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Frequently Asked Questions



I haven’t done any martial arts before. Can I still attend the summer camp?2018-05-24T12:08:24+01:00

Yes, athletic physical health and knowledge of martial arts is not required. You will develop your wellbeing and physical skills at your own rate during training.

Is there an age limit?2018-05-24T12:07:57+01:00

All students should be from 8 year old. If booking the Full Package (with accommodation) students should be from 11 years +

Can Parents Visit?2018-05-24T12:09:03+01:00

Parents are more than welcome to visit the Summer camp but we do ask that the parents let a member of senior staff know in advance and sign in and out of the Summer camp. Students may leave the Summer camp for a short period of time if it’s prearranged and they are accompanied by someone over 25 with permission of their parent/guardian/carer. A form will need to be completed so students can be released from the camp.

What is the total cost of the summer camp?2019-03-20T11:02:18+00:00

The total cost is £225 per child and £275 per adult, see earlier details of the contents of this package.

If you wish to wish us to book an accommodation for you, please give us 1 or more months’ notice.

A variety of other discounts are available on our summer camp page.

When to pay my balance?2018-05-24T12:10:33+01:00

You will receive a letter/e-mail after your booking is made, reminding you that all balances are due 10 weeks before the summer camp start date, sorry we don’t send reminders. If the booking is made after this date we ask you to pay the full amount at the time of booking.

What clothing should I bring?2018-05-24T12:11:31+01:00
  • Comfortable, loose sports clothes
  • Indoor training shoes (also available to purchase)
  • Outdoor trainers or sports shoes
  • Warm weather clothes plus sun hat, and sunscreen.
  • Cold weather clothes – jumper, long sleeves.
  • Other items for physical exercise including sweat towels, water bottles.
How much spending money should I bring?2018-05-24T12:12:11+01:00

How much money you will spend in the UK is up to each individual. However, we recommend that you should bring some money with you.

Will I get a certificate after I complete my summer camp?2018-05-24T12:12:46+01:00

Yes, every student receives a certificate with UK Shaolin Temple’s official stamp before leaving. Everything mastered will be stated on the certificate, as well as comments from your master.



Who makes my travel arrangements?2018-05-24T12:14:04+01:00

Students make their own travel arrangements but please do speak to our team and they will be happy to advise you on which options would be best.

What time should I arrive at the school If I’m traveling independently?2019-03-20T11:02:58+00:00

As per above schedule, students need to be at the temple or previously agreed meeting point at 9:30 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday students need to be at the temple or previously agreed meeting point at 6:00 AM.

How do I get from airport to the UK Shaolin Temple? 2018-05-24T21:13:59+01:00

Travellers from abroad often stay at our Summer camps in the UK for 7 days. We can arrange collection with an escort from Southampton, Heathrow, Bournemouth or Gatwick airports. There will be a fee for us to collect you from airports, please contact us for more information. Or you also can organize transportation from the airport or where you live in the UK to the UK Shaolin Temple at your own expense. We can advise you on appropriate taxi firms.

What is the best airport for me to arrive at?2018-05-24T21:14:35+01:00

The nearest airport to the UK Shaolin Tempe is Southampton airport (approximately 20 minutes drive).  Alternatively, use London Heathrow (approximately 2 hours drive) or London Gatwick (approximately 2 ½ hours from us). If you give us plenty of notice, we can book a taxi for you to be collected from the airport and at the end of your stay checked in and returned.

How much will I have to pay for the taxi?2018-05-24T12:18:35+01:00

Southampton airport to UK Shaolin Temple £50 (return)

Heathrow airport to UK Shaolin Temple £180 (return)

Gatwick airport to UK Shaolin Temple £230 (return)


What about food? 2019-03-20T11:04:51+00:00

If you arrange your stay through us with our partner Solent University, breakfast, dinner and a packed lunch can be arranged with them as well. Dietary requirements and allergies can be catered for if we are notified in advance of the Summer School. Please contact us with any additional requirements

How safe is the accommodation? 2018-05-24T12:20:31+01:00

The accommodation is very safe and secure. Access to the property is only obtained via a keypad. On arrival, students will be given a welcome talk outlining the key health and safety aspects of the property and the fire safety information.

What about safety and security? 2018-05-24T20:44:58+01:00

Our main concern at UK Shaolin Temple is to ensure the safety, security, and health of all students who attend the programme. We have a clear set of procedures and regulations for staff and students to follow and detailed preparations regarding medical support. Risk assessments have been carried out on campus.

All supervisors and staff are: 

Subject to rigorous DBS (Disclosures and Barring Service) check as per the legal requirements for working with young people in the UK. We are experienced with working with young people and we have extensive summer camp experience.


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