Gou Kong Jie tai chi

Gou Kong Jie was born on 20th September 1947 in Nanshe village of Nan Zhuang in China’s Henan province. Grandmaster Gou belongs to the 11th generation of the original Chen style Tai Chi family.

Grandmaster Gou Kong Jie started practicing Martial Arts when he was young. He initially trained in Kung Fu and studied Cha Quan, Hong Quan, Mei Hua Quan, Tong Bei Quan, Lian Huan Quan and other external Kung Fu skills.

Gou Kong Lie began studying Chen Style Tai Chi as a senior student under the tutelage of Master Chen Zhao Kui (Master Chen Zhao Kui belongs to thee 10th generation of the Chen Tai Chi Family). Grandmaster Gou also studied from Masters Hong Jun Sheng, Feng Zhi Qiang and Ma Zhen Bang who are prominent Chen style Tai Chi Masters in China.

Grandmaster Gou has achieved many accomplishments through his career. He has taught Tai Chi extensively to both university and private students in many provinces around China since 1982. At the International Festival of Tai Chi in 2002 he was awarded the Certificate of Excellence. The Certificate of Excellence is very rarely awarded and often reserved for Tai Chi Masters that possess exceptional skill and ability, thus it is a testament of his profound skill. Grandmaster Gou is also certified as a senior Chen Style Tai Chi coach by the Chen Style Tai Chi Association in Wen County, the birthplace and home of Tai Chi. He also holds a first class degree of Tai Chi master from the Henan Provincial Martial Arts Association. Grandmaster Gou is co-author of the Tai Chi Push Hands standard and competition rules published by the Chinese State Sports Council and more recently has created the Chen Style Tai Chi Fan Form and the Chen Style Short Stick Form.

Though many years of training and teaching, Grandmaster Gou has many students and disciples from around world. Master Gou has also set up many schools and clubs in many cities across the world. Today, Grandmaster Kong Jie Gou continues sharing his Tai Chi knowledge with students on a national and international basis.