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Competitive and Demonstration in Chinese Martial Arts. Traditional and Modern


Competitive in  Chinese Sanda – Chinese Kickboxing


Our teams will be training to demonstrate and compete at National, European and International level. With the ultimate aim of preparation for the Olympics in the future. We aim to create a lasting legacy of excellence in this martial arts field.

We want our teams to reach the highest standard possible, creating a positive and inspirational environment for members to flourish.

We have a highly experienced team of masters and coaches from China and the UK. All holding National and International awards recognised worldwide in both competing and teaching. They have constructed detailed and comprehensive training schedules and programmes in order to help our athletes develop and reach their full potential.

Our teams also have full access to our online support resources which aid them in their training programmes . Including nutritional, health and wellbeing advice. Sports care and Injury specialists. Specific Online training forum: UKST TEAM. And an online training support area and forum dedicated to our team via our website.

Feeling inspired and motivated to apply then click the link below to apply/ or for more information on how you can apply and qualify please contact us.

Before you apply for our team training programmes we recommend that you first read both the requirements, and the terms and conditions, to see if you meet the requirements to apply.  The selection process involves our instructors assessing your application, and asking suitable applicants to attend tryouts. If unsuccessful then applicants will be given feedback and will have the opportunity to reapply during the next intake period.

Please note that applications will only be accepted before the stated deadline and tryouts and entrees will be held at the beginning of each term. The Team training terms commence every March and September. Please note we will not be accepting entries at any other time throughout the year. This is so that we can fully focus on our teams ongoing development without disruption.

Entrants are required to fill out an online application, which will include a letter of referral from your instructor and must also submit a small personal statement stating the reasons why you want to join. You can also include any previous experience that you feel helps support your application.

After your application is submitted you will be notified by email of your success for admission into the team training sessions. You will be required to accept your place within 7 days of being notified.

  • For external practitioners entering the team you will be required to get written permission from your head coach/instructor at your school/ club. Stating that they give their permission for you to train with us and confirm that they feel you are suitable for selection.
  • On entering the team you will be required to  read and agree to all the terms and conditions of training.
  • Commitment and attendance is an essential part of the team. The minimum attendance that is required is 80% of all the training sessions. If you can not make a session we will need advanced notification As stated in rules and regulations. Exceptions are made for injury or illness.
  • You will need to be undertaking active training, our recommendation for training is at least two times a week for both teams.
  • Our 1.30 hour team training sessions are held at the UK Shaolin Temples Southampton Branch, and is currently timetabled on every Friday evening 6.00pm to 7.30pm – Team Sand, and Saturday afternoons at 1:30 to 3:00pm – Team Wushu. (Unless stated otherwise)

There will be an annual fee for all team training. The price of team training may alter in future years. The fees are due at the start of either the Spring or Autumn Terms (March or September).

Team training annual fees are as follows:

SANDA TEAM: Adult – £125

SANDA TEAM: Children – £100

WUSHU TEAM: Adult – £125

WUSHU TEAM: Children – £100

SANDA & WUSHU TEAM: Adult – £150

SANDA & WUSHU TEAM: Children – £125



UKST Sanda & Wushu Team Applications are now closed. Contact us if you have any questions. 

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