Frequently Asked Questions2018-05-22T20:46:12+01:00
I need to cancel my Gift Aid Declaration as I am no longer a UK taxpayer. How do I do this?2018-05-22T08:58:40+01:00

You can cancel your Gift Aid Declaration at anytime by calling us on 023 8063 4722. All we need is the date that you ceased paying Income Tax.

I want to change the amount of my Standing Order payments, how do I do this?2018-11-01T21:55:27+00:00

You can change your Standing Order payment amount at any time by simply calling us on 023 8063 4722 at least two weeks before you want to make the change.

Can I support you from overseas?2018-05-22T09:00:01+01:00

Yes, it is possible to support us from overseas. Please contact us for more information.

What sort of Chinese cultural activities do you do?2018-05-22T09:01:45+01:00
  1. Multiple opportunities for Chinese culture exchanges every year between UK and China
  2. Chinese New Year celebrations every year including Lion and Dragon dancing
  3. Chinese culture themed workshops and courses
  4. Chinese Tea Ceremony
  5. Chinese education e.g. language, Chinese calligraphy, arts and culture.
Do you have a Chinese community in the temple?2018-05-22T09:02:15+01:00

Yes, our organization is community based; and we have a strong community that is made up of Chinese and people from a range of ethnic backgrounds. We are working hard to share, and promote Chinese culture in order to expand our community, and bind us together.

I would like to get involve your Chinese culture side, how do I do that?2018-05-22T09:02:54+01:00

There are always many events, courses and workshops you can take part in throughout the year. A particularly fun and eventful time of year for us is Chinese New Year, and we hold our own celebrations at the Temple including many cultural activities.

Do you have Chinese language classes or courses?2018-05-22T09:03:39+01:00

We host intermittent short courses in Mandarin throughout the year. Please contact us for more details about Chinese language classes.

How many Chinese cultural themed courses do you run?2018-05-22T09:04:16+01:00

On average, we run between five and ten Chinese culture events or courses per year.

I am a British, can I get involve with your Chinese community?2018-05-22T09:04:53+01:00

Anyone is welcome to join our community, from every ethnicity, or nationality.

Do you do meditation classes?2018-05-22T09:06:19+01:00

Yes, we hold a free meditation sessions every Monday evening. In addition, we hold a meditation section as part of our Qi Gong class on Thursday evenings. Please click here for more information.

What kind of meditation do you teach?2018-05-22T09:06:55+01:00

While we offer a practical guide to meditation, which helps you think about your posture, your breathing and some ideas about how to focus, we don’t teach a strict style of meditation. We give you some commonly used methods but we encourage people to experiment with different methods and learn from experience.

I am a Christian, can I come to the temple?2018-05-22T09:07:31+01:00

We welcome all people to come to our Temple to participate in classes, courses, events, and workshops. We open the Temple to people of all faiths and beliefs, or none.

Do you have meditation or Buddhism classes for children?2018-05-22T09:08:30+01:00

At present, we do not run dedicated meditation or Buddhism classes for children. Throughout the year, we host smaller events aimed at children, and families. Please contact us for more information.

Is meditation suitable for children?2018-05-22T09:09:08+01:00

Yes, meditation is suitable for children. Meditation is shown to improve children’s concentration by re-focusing the brain.

How do I join your meditation classes?2018-05-22T09:09:59+01:00

Just come along to any meditation session you prefer, they are open to everyone, with no membership or contract involved.

Is there any cost for your meditation class and how much?2018-05-22T09:11:17+01:00

Yes, we charge a small fee for each meditation session. However you can also pay a monthly fee to attend all meditation and Qi Gong classes for more information please click here.

What do you do in your Buddha hall or temple?2018-05-22T09:12:10+01:00

We hold our meditation sessions, tea drinking and Buddhism courses in the Buddha Hall. We also hold small cultural celebrations, such as the Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival (Moon Cake Day), Chinese New Year. People are also able to light incense in the Buddha hall.

Do you have Buddhism classes or courses?2018-05-22T09:13:26+01:00

We currently hold short themed Buddhism courses across the year. The themes of these courses range from the historical development of Buddhism, to how Buddhism can help you de-stress and reduce anxiety, and many others in between. A timetable for these sessions can be found here.

What kind of Buddhism do you teach?2018-05-22T09:13:58+01:00

We teach Chan Buddhism, which is the Chinese version of Zen Buddhism. However, we also dip into other forms of Buddhism to broaden your knowledge about Buddhism.

Do you worship?2018-05-22T09:14:31+01:00

Although we participate in Buddhist rituals, no, we do not teach the worship of Buddhism. Our approach to Buddhism is to present its culture, history and philosophy, as opposed to teaching Buddhism as a religion.

Do you teach philosophy?2018-05-22T09:15:04+01:00

Yes, we teach aspects of Buddhist philosophy. Our aim is to present Buddhism as a way to help improve and support peoples wellbeing.

What is Ch’an or Zen?2018-05-22T09:15:37+01:00

Chan, or Zen Buddhism, is a form of Buddhism that was derived in China in the sixth century. Chan expanded into Japan where it is called Zen Buddhism. Chan Buddhism is a form of Mahayana Buddhism, and is one of the most popular form of Buddhism in China and Japan.

Can I get involve your Buddhism temple and how?2018-05-22T09:16:10+01:00

Yes, of course. One of the easiest ways to get involved is to attend our meditation session every Monday. Otherwise, you can attend one of our Buddhism short courses.

When and how do I become a member?2018-05-22T09:17:51+01:00

In order to become a UKST member you must complete a membership form and purchase an annual membership. This form will be given to you at reception, after you completed a free trial or requested the documents. You then can select training sessions, seminars or courses you would like to attend and pay for individually and according to your needs.

With receipt of the annual membership payment and the return of your completed  membership form, you will become an official UKST member.

Why do I need to join the membership?2018-05-22T09:18:25+01:00

When you join the UK Shaolin Temple membership you will automatically get a martial arts license, which is a requirement by law when practicing martial arts. If you have an existing martial arts license with another club, you still need to have a separate license for our activities.

What are the benefits of the UK Shaolin Temple membership?2018-05-22T09:19:50+01:00

When you become a member of the UK Shaolin Temple, you will get reductions off UK Shaolin Temple events, courses, seminars, workshops, travel and many more.

You will also receive exclusive invitations to UK Shaolin Temple events and news updates before general release. In addition, you will also receive access to training materials and social media content on our member-only social media page. Read more.

How much is the membership?2018-05-22T09:20:19+01:00

Membership prices range from £55 for adults, to £45 for children’s membership.

Can I join online?2018-05-22T09:22:14+01:00

Yes, go to JOIN US ONLINE and follow the instructions to join our membership online.

Can I freeze my monthly payment?2018-11-01T21:45:18+00:00

No, you cannot freeze your monthly payments. If you cancel your training payments, this automatically cancels your membership with the UK Shaolin Temple.

If you wish to re-join UK Shaolin Temple within 12 months of your original membership date, you will be required to pay a re-joining fee of £30.

Can I freeze my membership?2018-05-22T09:23:38+01:00

No, once completed, your membership lasts for one year. After the year is complete, you are invited to renew your membership.

Can I let other people use my membership?2018-05-22T09:24:10+01:00

No, memberships are none transferable, and each person must hold their own valid membership.

How can upgrade and downgrade my monthly payment?2018-11-01T21:42:08+00:00

In the first instance, speak to us at least 2 weeks before, to establish the next level of monthly payments. Once you establish your new payments, contact your bank to instruct them to change your monthly payments. If your monthly payments were set up online using the Paypal system, you can make amendments through your online account.

How can I change my monthly payment?2018-11-01T21:40:09+00:00

In the first instance, speak to us at least 2 weeks before making changes to your monthly payments. Once you establish your new payments, contact your bank to instruct them to change your monthly payments. If your monthly payments were set up online using the paypal system, you can make amendments through your online account.

How can I cancel my monthly payments?2018-11-01T21:38:13+00:00

You can cancel your monthly payments at any time. You must inform us at least 2 weeks before you make any changes. Following this, either cancel your payments online using your paypal account, or contact your bank to cancel your standing order. Please note that if you return to classes, your monthly payments must be reinstated before attending classes.

If you cancel your training payments, this automatically cancels your membership with the UK Shaolin Temple. If you wish to re-join UK Shaolin Temple within 12 months of your original membership date, you will be required to pay a re-joining fee of £30.

What does the UK Shaolin Temple do?2018-05-22T09:28:30+01:00

UK Shaolin Temple is a unique organisation that exists to share, promote, and preserve Chinese culture through educational initiatives, and physical activities. We teach classes in Chinese martial arts including Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation classes. We also hold many events, courses and workshops in Chinese cultural activities. These activities include language classes, tea drinking, calligraphy, Chan Buddhism courses.

When was the UK Shaolin Temple founded?2018-05-22T09:29:21+01:00

The UK Shaolin Temple was established in 2002 by 34th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk – Shi Yan Min. In 2003, the UK Shaolin Temple was officially opened to the public to teach Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Culture. UK Shaolin Temple was registered as a charity in 2013. To read more about UK Shaolin Temple’s history please go to the about us page.

Can I work for the UK Shaolin Temple?2018-05-22T09:29:53+01:00

You can search for open positions on our Vacancies page. There, you can find out what you can expect from us as employers, what we are looking for in a candidate and find out more about our recruitment process. In addition, we are always looking for volunteers to assist us in many different areas, so please contact us if you are interested.

Can I use the UK Shaolin Temple logo, images or information in my project?2018-05-22T09:30:28+01:00

Students have our permission to use the UK Shaolin Temple logo appropriately on their projects, as long as it is used for a non-commercial purpose. We cannot give permission for the reproduction of any of the images on our website for they are subject to copyright and we only have permission to use them in specific circumstances. Students can use any of the information from the website, as long as they reference the sources using their respective referencing format.

Can I interview a member of UK Shaolin Temple or your Master?2018-05-22T09:31:04+01:00

The UK Shaolin Temple can only provide interviews to professional members of the media. If you are a journalist, please contact our Media Team. If you are a student studying journalism, we cannot provide interviewees for you.

How can I comment or make a complaint about the UK Shaolin Temple?2018-05-22T09:31:50+01:00

If you wish to comment or make a complaint about the UK Shaolin Temple, you can do so to any UK Shaolin Temple member of staff. Alternatively, please contact us, or write to the UK Shaolin Temple at: UK Shaolin Temple,G2, Liners Industrial Estate, Pitt Road, Southampton, SO15 3FQ.

To help us respond to your comment or complaint effectively, please tell us which of our services it relates to. Also, please include your full name, contact details and let us know how you would like us to contact you.

Do you pass my details to other organisations?2018-05-22T09:32:56+01:00

We value and respect your privacy. We do not share any personal information with other organisations.

You may also like to contact the Mailing Preference Service, who are able to restrict the amount of unsolicited mail, faxes and telephone calls you receive. Their contact details are:

Mailing Preference Service (MPS)

70 Margaret Street



t: 020 7291 3310

f: 020 7323 4226

How many UK Shaolin Temples are there?2018-05-22T08:17:05+01:00

We are the only Shaolin Temple in the UK. We are currently based in Southampton, where most of our activities are offered. We have a UK wide network of friends and partnerships. For more information about the UK Shaolin Temple please click about us page or get in touch if you have a specific query.

Where does UK Shaolin Temple’s Master/Shifu come from?2018-05-22T08:19:43+01:00

Shi Yan Min and his disciples have extensive experience of training in the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng city, Henan province in China. Shi Yan Min is a 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk. He has had over 15 years’ experience of teaching and coaching in the UK and has successfully run his own martial arts organisation for over ten years.

All our masters and teachers come from all over the country, and are highly qualified. They attend dedicated training sessions on a regular basis and are certified by Master Shi Yan Min himself. To read more information about our masters and teachers please click here.

Does UK Shaolin Temple use a grading system?2018-05-22T08:20:23+01:00

Yes, we have a 9 level belt system. However, students will continue to learn and practice after level 9. The UK Shaolin Temple holds grading events three times a year. For our grading timetable and further information please find information on our Members facebook group page or ask at reception. There you will find how to register for a grading and the things you need to know to get prepared.

Will I get a certificate after I pass my grading examination?2018-05-22T08:21:05+01:00

Yes, every passing student receives a certificate with the UK Shaolin Temple’s official stamp. In addition every student, whether they passed their exam or not, will receive a grading report which outlines the awarded points for each criteria and also a summarising comment from the examiner in order to help the student improve their skills.

Does UK Shaolin Temple have a uniform?2018-05-22T08:24:11+01:00

All of our martial arts classes require a uniform / dress code. Please refer to the individual class curriculum for what equipment and uniform is required. You can also always ask your teacher or at reception. You may be denied access to a class or grading, if you have not got the required dress code or equipment.

We usually stock a selection of T-Shirts, uniforms, trousers, socks and shoes in our shop. Please ask at reception for prices.

What clothes or equipment should I need for my trail classes?2018-05-22T08:25:11+01:00

When you attending your trial class, make sure that you wear loose, comfortable clothing, allowing you to stretch and move easily. With regards to footwear, we would recommend light and flexible sport shoes and something with a good grip. Alternatively you can also train barefoot or wear socks. We also recommend that you bring a good amount of drinking water.

Any additional equipment and dress code can then be found in the individual class curriculum or from your instructor.

When can I start UK Shaolin Temple Martial Arts classes?2018-05-22T08:27:13+01:00

The best way to start your Martial Arts training is if you contact us before your preferred starting date. You can fill out a FREE TRAIL LESSON form online, send us an email, or you can contact us by telephone. After you have made an enquiry, you will receive a free trail lesson code and instructions on how to join a free trial lesson. If you come to a class for a free lesson without a code or notifying us, you may be required to pay for the trail class before starting the lesson.

After your free trial lesson, you will receive information about our membership and how to join regular sessions at reception.

What kinds of payment do you accept?2018-05-22T08:27:54+01:00

We accept cash, card, cheque, or bank transfer. We accept payment in GBP form only. For monthly class payments, we also accept Standing Order payments.

Can I come and watch a class before I join in?2018-05-22T08:28:38+01:00

You are more than welcome to come to one of our classes to watch before deciding to join in. The best way to view a class is to contact us before-hand to let us know when you are coming. To find more information on our classes, please view our class schedule.

I worry that my physical ability is not suited to martial arts, could I still train?2018-05-22T08:29:30+01:00

If you’re worried about your physical ability, say your strength, mobility or flexibility is poor; our Shaolin training has a number of disciplines which can cater for different needs. For example, Kung Fu involves high physicality and is suited to people looking to improve their speed, strength, flexibility etc. Tai Chi involves slow, toning movements, which can improve our mobility and also improve your overall health. Qi Gong involves stretching and breathing exercises which involves low physicality. By offering these disciplines, different physical levels can be accommodated. We do stress that you should seek the advice of your GP if you have concerns before joining our classes.

What is the age limit for people to join?2018-10-25T14:09:16+01:00

Most our classes are suitable for everyone to join. There is no maximum age limit; but the minimum age we would recommend is from 5 years. This is because very young children may struggle to concentrate for a whole session. We do assess very young children and may advise on waiting for another year before they can join.

Certain classes might be dedicated to certain age groups. Please refer to the class curriculum for age restriction or ask the instructor.

Do you have classes for children and family groups?2018-05-22T08:31:01+01:00

If you view our timetable you will see that our children’s Kung Fu classes are marked in green color and family classes are marked in orange color. Please check our class schedule for more information. Most of our normal Kung Fu classes are suitable for family groups to join; the only classes which may not be suitable are the dedicated classes where age or level restrictions apply.

Do you have classes for beginners?2018-05-22T08:32:24+01:00

Beginners are welcome to almost every class. Exceptions are some classes that are restricted by age or have certain entry level requirements. Most of our classes are suited to all levels. We recommend attending a free trial session, and enquiring at reception or with one of the instructors, which classes will be most suited for your needs.

I haven’t done any martial arts before. Can I still attend the UK Shaolin Temple ‘s classes?2018-05-22T08:33:24+01:00

Yes, UK Shaolin Temple classes, like all of our activities, are open to everyone. Great physical health and knowledge of Chinese martial arts is not required. You will develop your physical health and other skills at your own rate during training.

Where does the training take place?2018-05-22T08:35:13+01:00

We run most of our classes at the UK Shaolin Temple in Southampton. Please browse our class schedule for further details.

Certain events, seminars or workshops might run in cooperation with our partners at external facilities, please find more information on the specific event, seminar, workshop or course page or in the class curriculum.

Master Shi Yan Min’s disciples also run classes in Dorset and Devon. For more information about classes in Dorset and Devon, please contact us.

Can parents to come to watch?2018-05-22T08:35:58+01:00

Parents are more than welcome to visit the temple; but we do ask that the parents let a member of senior staff know in advance and sign in and out of the temple. A member of staff will show parents or visitors, where they can stay during the sessions. We do require all parents to not disturb any classes. The main authority during a session will be the instructor. Please adhere to the temple rules, displayed at reception.

Is there parking available?2018-05-22T08:42:30+01:00

Yes, we have a handful of dedicated parking right in front of the premises or nearby. Please respect our neighbours and do not use their marked parking spaces. If all spaces are taken, please ask at reception for alternative parking.

Can I bring my bike?2018-05-22T08:43:05+01:00

Yes, we have bike racks in the car park outside the Temple, where you can safely lock your bike.

Are there changing rooms?2018-05-22T08:43:36+01:00

We have 2 toilets and 2 changing rooms. Outside the changing area is room to store clothes and equipment. Please do not fill the changing room with your personal items, as other people are using this also.

Are there showers?2018-05-22T08:44:29+01:00

We do not have any showers at our current premises. Your are welcome to use the changing rooms and we recommend to bring a towel if you sweat a lot and spare dry comfortable clothes to change into after each session.

How many training areas are there and what other facilities do you have?2018-05-22T08:46:16+01:00

We have one training hall and a Buddha hall, our training hall is used for martial arts and other actives, our buddha hall for meditation, Qigong and other Buddhist ceremonies. For more information about our facilities, please visit our page here.

How safe is the temple? 2018-05-22T08:46:51+01:00

UK Shaolin Temple is very safe and secure. We have CCTV 24/7. There are always at least 2 members of staff at the premises during opening hours. All our equipment is safety checked on a regular basis. For more information please refer to our Health and Safety policies or ask at reception.

What about safety and security during training? 2018-05-22T08:47:56+01:00

Our main concern at UK Shaolin Temple is to ensure the safety, security, and health of all students who attend our training. We have a clear set of procedures and regulations for staff and students to follow and detailed preparations regarding medical support. Risk assessments have been carried out on site and are available on request.

All supervisors and staff are: 

  • Subject to rigorous DBS (Disclosures and Barring Service) checks as per the legal requirements for working with young people in the UK.
  • Experienced in working with young people and have extensive training experience.
  • Regularly trained and updated on any changes in procedures and regulations.
How do I make a donation to UK Shaolin Temple?2018-05-22T08:57:20+01:00

There are many ways to donate money to the UKST. The best way to donate money is online, go to our donation page, this method is secure, quick and simple to use. You can also donate by cash or cheque directly to the UK Shaolin Temple, please go to our donation page for more details.

I need to cancel my Standing Order as my circumstances have changed. How do I do this?2018-11-01T21:56:37+00:00

You can cancel your standing order at any time by contacting your bank. Some banks may request this in writing. Please also advise us of your cancellation at least two weeks before any changes are made.

If you cancel your training payments, this automatically cancels your membership with the UK Shaolin Temple.

If you wish to re-join UK Shaolin Temple within 12 months of your original membership date, you will be required to pay a re-joining fee of £30.

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