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Discover yourself and others through the theory of the Five Elements. Throughout this workshop you will discover and learn about all of the elements. You will learn how they make up the very fabric of our universe, including us, and how they influence our very being emotionally, mentally & physically. This course will cover how all of these elements are present within us from birth and how one of them is imbalanced giving us our constitutional imbalance type or CF – Constitutional Factor, having an important effect on our personality, emotions and physical health. You will gain insight into the virtues and vices of each. You will learn how to recognize the signs for each element within someone – by colour, sound, emotion and odour and what steps we can take to balance them. This workshop will help you to see life and its surroundings in a fuller context, lead you to a new and compassionate understanding of yourself and others and to inspire personal understanding, growth and development. 

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