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Title: Shaolin Ba Duan Jin

Date: Thursdays 3rdOctober 2019 – 21stNovember 2019 (8 weeks)

Time: 20.30pm – 21.30pm

Location: UK Shaolin Temple

Booking: Must book in advanced

Ba Duan Jin is one of the oldest exercise routines as it was one of the first that was practiced in the Shaolin Temple monks in China.

Shaolin Ba Duan Jin relaxes the muscles and facilitates healthy blood flow. It is very beneficial for Qi, blood circulation, immunity, and aid in healthy metabolism. Ba Duan Jin also helps to develop focus, reduce stress, as well as, increase mobility and flexibility. The benefits of Ba Duan Jin are felt by young and old alike, and it is believed that you will become healthier the more you practice this form.

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