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Date: 2nd April 2019 – 18th June 2019 (12 Week Course / Every Tuesday)

Time: 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Location: UK Shaolin Temple

Requirements: Kung Fu Level Three +

Instructor: Shi Yan Min

This weapon is also known as 蟠龍棍 panlong gun, or the “coiling dragon staff”.

The three-section staff has the advantage of being used as a long-range (whip), intermediate range (flail or two section staff) or a short-range (pair of escrima) weapon.

Acting as an extension of the user’s arms, the three sectional staff can strike, flail, block, choke, trap, disarm and whip, often with different sections of the staff acting at the same time. The chains or binding ropes of the staff are used to entangle an opponent and their weapons. While it has three ranges, the three section staff is best used as a short range weapon against long ranged weapons.

In this configuration, a skilled practitioner can nearly simultaneously block an opponent’s strike, trap his or her weapon and disarm them while executing their own strike with the free side of the staff.


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Three Section Staff Course

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