UK Shaolin Temple


Date: 19th November 2017

Location: UK Shaolin Temple

Time: 9:00am – 5:30pm

Soft Fist – Rou Quan

Damo Sword – Damo Jian

Master Shi Yanxin

Master Yan Xin (co-founder of, is a 34th generation Shaolin disciple, he trained in the Shaolin Temple (Henan Province, China) from a young age. In 1999 and 2000 Master Yanxin was honoured to act as the team leader and led a troupe of Shaolin Monks to perform in the Shaolin Wheel of Life world Tour. During these two years Master Yan Xin enjoyed promoting Shaolin Culture and kung fu to worldwide audiences. In 2001 Master Yanxin started to teach students in England, where shared his knowledge and skill to students in Bournemouth, Southampton, Bristol and London. Now Master Yanxin resides in Dublin, Ireland and continues with his passion for teaching kung fu through online training programs (via & YouTube) and by giving seminars locally around world.

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Soft Fist – 柔拳

Soft Fist trains our internal energy.

It is one of the oldest forms that monks practice as part of their routine. This form uses slow but flowing movements to train, which allows the energy stay inside of our body to strengthen our organs.

Time:  9:00AM—12:30PM

  1. Warm Up, Introduction
  2. Drill Practice
  3. Section Learning
  4. Whole Form learning

Damo Sword – 达摩剑 

Damo Sword trains us how to control and extend our body.

Straight sword is one of four main weapons in Kung Fu, the other three are Chinese Sword, Staff, and Spear. Each of these four weapons have its own characteristics in kung fu training, the straight sword is more elegant  and fluid , the key of practicing straight sword is learn how use good bodywork to move the weapon fluidly as an extension of our body.


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Shaolin Workshop


One of the great advantages of being located within Southampton is its convenience because the city is central along the south coast and has multiple transport links. The city’s national and international travel links by road, rail, sea and air are unmatched in the region.

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