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Date: Wednesday 6th March 2019

Time: 9:30am – 14:00pm

Location: UK Shaolin Temple

Requirements : No

Instructor: Bibiana Hernandez Moreno

With this course you will learn and practice ancestral and very effective techniques to keep good health and longevity.

We have an unlimited potential, and we will learn how to use the power of our own Qi (Energy) to highlight our pain, heal and strengthen our body and improve our physical, emotional and mental health.

To attend this course, you are not required to believe in anything, only in yourself. This course does not involve any religious practices, it only involves techniques and routines of meditation practices and exercises that have been applied for thousands of years and are proven to be effective. This is also verified by current scientists with good results.

Special Qigong practice for the relaxation and detoxification of your body and mind will take more energy from your food, recharge your energy (Qi) and regenerate your body by being in touch with the nature (sun, earth, trees, sea, mountains, etc.)

Who is this course for?

Any age, any religion or no religion, any person that wants to improve their own health or help others to heal.

Key entry requirements

No requirements

What you’ll learn / study

  • Principles of Qi Gong for longevity
  • Breathing techniques, relaxation, concentration, visualisation and projection of your own Qi (energy) to heal, recharge and regenerate every area of your body
  • Meditation practices and Qigong exercises


Non Member:

Adult: £39

Student: £33

Children: £25

UK Shaolin Temple Member:

Adult: £33

Student: £27

Children: £21


Qigong for Longevity Course

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