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Date: 6th November 2018 – 29th January 2019 (10 Week Course / Every Tuesday)

Time: 17:30pm – 18:30pm

Location: UK Shaolin Temple

Requirements: Kung Fu Level Two +

Instructor: Shi Yan Min

This form gains its name from swift and agile movements which when performed can sound like the wind itself. The main characteristics of this form are its ability to change rapidly and suddenly and uniquely to be used in combat in all known directions. This is specifically unique to this form and unlike any other stick forms which tend to fight lineally.

The Shaolin stick dates all the way back to the Sui dynasty from the day when Temple Warrior monks used sticks to defend local bandits famously in the Shaolin Temple.

During the Stick’s Development history all way to now the Feng Mo Gun is one of the most popular to learn, due to its speed and power.

The monks in the Shaolin Temple are renowned for manifesting peace, compassion, harmony and wisdom. They endeavour to help others and share the practices of their peaceful philosophy. It is for this reason in the past that when they were forced to go to war or to stop violence they didn’t use weapons that could easily kill people. Instead they used weapons like the stick and Qinna (joint locking) or Dain Xue (pressure point striking) to knock out or stun opponents. Therefore the stick became simultaneously associated as the monks’ classic fighting weapon.

Come along to learn this classic weapon known as one of the four great weapons in Chinese Martial Arts, the father of all weapons.


Month Dates
Nov 2018 6 13 20 27
Dec 2018 4 11
Jan 2019 8 15 22 29


Non Member:

Adult: £72

Student: £65.00

Children: £55.00

UK Shaolin Temple Member:

Adult: £60

Student: £55.00

Children: £45.00


Feng Mo Gun

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