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We need your help today !

We are small charitable company that runs mindfulness, fitness, and wellbeing classes and courses. Our face-to-face services provide the majority of our income and with these suspended due to the convid-19 pandemic, our business is facing significant financial hardship and may result in our closure. 

We are currently working around the clock to move our fitness and wellbeing services online. We believe that as many people as possible should have access to these activities at home, in order to support their wellbeing during this difficult period. We want to continue to be a source of positivity but we need your help to keep our services running.

We know that this time is full of uncertainty for every individual but any small donation you can spare will make a huge difference to us. You can make a non-specific donation to our charity, or you can donate to one of three fundraising campaigns that are outlined below.

UK Shaolin Temple

UK Registered charity no 1150698.