Qigong Classes

Flow Of Qi

Qigong allows you to explore your internal and external energy in a gentle form of exercise. Qigong exercises are a combination of stretching and breathing techniques in set routines. These sessions are suited to everyone but they are particularly beneficial for people looking to improve their mental and emotional health,and mobility and strength using low impact exercise. You will find that Qigong may help improve your circulatory system and reduce stress.

Regularly attending our Qigong classes will improve flexibility, balance and agility, decrease stress, anxiety and depression, and improve focus.

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Qigong Training

What is Qigong?

Qigong is a self-healing art that combines movement and meditation. The practice is an old one and contains a vast number of routines to practise and memorise. Qigong is an excellent method to unite gentle exercise with mindfulness practices. With regular practice, you will see the benefits to your mental health, overall physical wellbeing.