Chinese Kickboxing


San Da is a consolidation of Kung Fu theories and techniques in a new form that consists of set rules and the ability to execute techniques at full power. San Da is resembles a form of kickboxing with a complete system of realistic unarmed combat. It consists of standard kicks and punches, but then it enters into entrapment, which leads to throws or takedowns. It also covers grapplingwrestlingground fighting, and weapon defence skills. Another added feature is that a competitor can push or throw their opponent off a platform, adding another technical quality to the bouts.

The aim of our San Da classes is to train people who would like to compete in national and international competitions. It is also suitable for people who would like to build their self-confidence, strength, discipline and self-defence techniques.

No matter what your fitness level is, everyone is welcome because we will take you from where you are and build your skills until we reach your goal.


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