Discover your hidden potential and train like a warrior

These classes are aimed at developing your overall fitness, strength and power and unlock your potential.

The programme has been carefully developed from the historic training methods of the Shaolin Warriors Monks in China.  Traditionally these monks would undergo a number of unique and secretive training practices, which would make their bodies and minds impenetrable and unlimited. One extensive ritual they would undertake is to enter successive rooms and be tasked with a new skill to develop and perfect, this is known as the 72 Chambers of Shaolin.

The fitness and power class uses these methods to help the students maximise their ultimate potential. However, you work within your own limits, so it is suitable for everyone. Whether you are an elite athlete, or just a person wanting to get fit and strong this class is right for you.

Highly qualified and authentic Kung Fu masters will lead you through a series of creative, fun and challenging exercises that combine plyometric (using your own body weight), weights training, gymnastics and functional fitness to help to improve your overall speed, endurance, strength, and power. Flexibility is also a key aspect in the class, stretching lower body including ankles, knees, legs, waist, upper body including arms, shoulders, neck and so on.

Discover your hidden potential and train like a warrior, you will be amazed at what you are able to achieve, join us today to find out more.


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