The Mung Bean Cake is an ancient and traditional cake in China. It is usually consumed during the Dragon Boat Festival to keep the body safe and healthy. On that day, people drank rice wine, ate green bean cakes, and salted duck eggs to avoid diseases caused by the arrival of the mid-summer heat.

Mung bean is perfect for helping clear body heat, reduce acne, and detox the body. A very famous ancient Chinese pharmacologist, Li Shi Zhen (1518-1593), mentioned that “mung beans are highly recommended not only as a rich source of nutrients but also as a medicine”.


  • Peeled mung beans
  • Milk powder (soybean powder)
  • Sugar
  • Oil


  • Cooking gauze
  • Mooncake mold
  • Steam pot
  • Frying wok


1. Soak 500g peeled mung beans overnight

2. Spread the soaked mung beans flat on the gauze

3. Steam over medium heat for at least 40 minutes

4. Pour the steamed mung beans into a large bowl and grind them

5. Pour the milk powder (soybean powder) into the mashed mung beans, and then keep mashing

6. Prepare a frying wok, heat 20g of oil in the wok, then pour the crushed mung beans into the wok and fry

7. You can add some white sugar. It depends on whether you like sweet or not

8. After mixing, pour the mung bean puree into the mooncake mold in batches til all mung bean puree is used up

9. After shaping them, you are in the final step: put your cute mung bean cakes into the fridge, it tastes best after staying in the fridge for one night.