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UK Shaolin Temple advances Chinese culture and its arts by sharing expertise and knowledge. We do this by delivering Chinese arts and culture in a range of formats. Our team has expertise in many aspects including Chinese arts and culture, physical and wellbeing activities, philosophy, and many more.


We continually improve and invest in our facilities for staff and participants to ensure that their learning experience at UK Shaolin Temple is the best it can be. This is reflected in specialist training equipment, a purpose built martial arts training hall, and a dedicated Buddha hall. Many of our facilities are also available for businesses and organisations to use.


Our services include showcasing authentic and highly technical Chinese arts and culture. We harness these dynamic art-forms and transform them into a wide range of performance media. These media include live performances, film and television productions, and engaging media content.


The UK Shaolin Temple cultural exchange brings physical, cultural and educational enrichment between the UK and other countries. These exchanges not only help to bring an international presence to your organisation, or school, but they also provide an opportunity to create an environment where students can embrace learning about new cultures, and share their personal heritage, customs, and traditions.


One of UK Shaolin Temple’s core campaigns is our research activity. This work is vital because we can explore the many diverse ways in which Chinese culture and arts improve health and wellbeing. Within this service, we conduct our own interdisciplinary studies, as well as, collaborating with other research bodies and organisations to assist in their projects.


Finding the right people to join us on our mission is essential and part of our recruitment strategy is to bring people into our organisation who are passionate, creative and that want to make a difference. There are many ways for people to get involved with us.

Keep up to date with our latest opportunities by going to our recruitment section on our website or contact us for more information.


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