One of our prize features is our Training Hall. This space has been specifically designed for martial arts training. The hall features a matted floor area, which is used for all our training activites. The training hall also includes traditional training area including wooden dummies, wooden logs for power and strength training, punch bags. Other special items include sand bags for hand conditioning and martial arts weapons.

Our training floor is laid with professional gym mats, which are ideal for all types of Martial Arts training. We also have a host of additional gymnastics mats specifically used for our acrobatics training.

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Temple Training Area
Buddha Hall


One most unique and endearing features of our Temple is our serene Buddha Hall. Featuring authentic, living Buddha statues representing different Buddhist virtues. They are adorned on a plush altar, detailed garments and décor, as well as, Buddhist instruments for chanting. Here we hold regular meditation and Chan Buddhist philosophy sessions. Our visitors also offer flowers, fruit and incense to the Buddha.

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 Room type Cost per hour
Training hall Daytime Mon-Fri: £18 per hour

Evenings & Weekends: £25 per hour

Buddha hall Daytime Mon-Fri: £12 per hour

Evenings & Weekends: £18 per hour

Treatment room Daytime Mon-Fri: £8 per hour

Evenings & Weekends: £10 per hour

For any enquires please contact or call us on 023 8063 4722.